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Apply for an Expedited Appointment

On this page:

  • Overview
  • Qualifications for Expedited Appointment
  • Applying for an Expedited Appointment


Please read this whole page to ensure your expedite request has the best chance of being approved.You must have documentary evidence to prove the urgent nature of your trip. If it appears during your visa interview that you misrepresented the reasons for urgent travel, such facts will be noted on your case file and may adversely influence the outcome of your visa application. Applicants granted an expedited appointment but are subsequently refused a visa, or who missed their interview, will not be allowed to obtain another expedited appointment.

  • Expedite requests that do not comply with the below guidance will be denied.
  • Ensure you meet all the criteria. You can only create one expedited appointment request.
  • If you have an emergency that meets the criteria listed below, you may qualify for an expedited appointment depending on availability. Travel for the below reasons DO NOT qualify for expedited appointments. They will not be approved.

  • Weddings
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • English language programs
  • Annual business, academic, or professional conferences
  • For the above trips, please plan in advance and schedule a visa appointment. We strongly recommend you check daily, Monday through Friday, for newly-opened appointments on this website if your travel is truly urgent. New appointments are opened weekly.

    Qualifications for Expedited Appointment

    Expedited nonimmigrant visa appointment requests are for cases of emergency and must satisfy one or more of the criteria listed below. Expedited appointments are based on availability. Expedited appointment requests based on airline tickets purchased in advance of visa interview will not be granted.


    WE ARE NOT EXPEDITING GROUPS OR MOST BUSINESS-BASED TRAVEL AT THIS TIME. Groups should check this website for newly-opened appointments daily, Monday through Friday, and register individually when new appointments are opened.

    Approved categories for expedited appointments

  • You, the applicant, need emergency medical care or to accompany a relative who is unable to travel alone for emergency medical care.
    • This is not for routine appointments scheduled with doctors in the United States.
  • To attend the funeral of an immediate family member(mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild).
  • To appear in a U.S. court.
  • Students or exchange visitors (F, M, or J visas only) pursuing a degree program. English language programs DO NOT qualify.
      • The program starts in the next 60 days, and
      • You have not been denied a visa within the last six months.
      • You MUST plan and schedule F1 appointments early. If you are requesting an expedited F1 in August, we cannot guarantee it will be approved due to very high demand. F1 visas can be issued 365 days before the start of your program, and you can enter the United States on your F visa 30 days before the start of your program.

      NOTE:F, M, and J visa holders who need to renew their visa can now use our interview waiver appointment system. Please do not request an expedited appointment. Interview waiver does not apply for Summer, Work, and Travel (SWT) J1 applicants.

      Essential documentation for approved categories

      Emergency Medical Travel

      1. A letter from your doctor in Georgia describing the medical condition and why you are seeking medical care in the United States.
      2. A letter from the physician or hospital in the United States indicating that they are prepared to treat the case and providing the approximate cost of both initial and any subsequent potential treatments.
      3. Evidence of how you will pay for the cost of the treatment.


      1. A letter from the funeral director stating the contact information, details of the deceased, and the date of the funeral.
      2. You must also present evidence that the deceased is an immediate relative.

      For court appearances

      1. A court summons with date and location of the hearing.

      Students or exchange visitors

      To begin a valid degree program of study in the United States within 60 days when no regular visa appointments are available. Only for applicants who have not been refused a visa within the last six months at any U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

      Essential documentation:

      1. Original Form I-20 or DS-2019 indicating start date of program within 60 days.
      2. Evidence that you have paid the SEVIS fee (when applicable).
    Apply for a U.S. Visa |

Apply for an Expedited Appointment
- Georgia (English) (2024)
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