The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector (2024)

The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector
Season 4, Episode 6
The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector (1)
Air dateJune 30, 2017
Production Code409
Written byCraig Carlisle
Storyboards byAldina Dias
Catherine Jones
Jill Colbert
Holly Forsyth
Directed byJamie Mitchell
Mircea Kyle Mantta
Songs in this EpisodeTough Enough
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"The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector" is the eighty-seventh episode of the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. It premiered on June 30, 2017 and is the sixth episode in the fourth season.


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Newly-appointed Protector of the Mystic Isles, Sofia meets Chrysta, a crystal fairy who is her Protector trainer. Chrysta brings Sofia to the Isle of Forever Frost to begin her training.


On the Mystic Isles, The Protectors are having a meeting in their castle. Orion and Vega have decided that the time has come for Sofia to begin her training as Protector of the Ever Realm. Orion and Vega know that training her for the job will be a great challenge and honor for her trainer. For this reason, they have picked Chrysta to be Sofia's trainer. The other Protectors object on the grounds that Chrysta is too arrogant, pushy, and inexperienced as a teacher to be suitable as Sofia's trainer. Vega and Orion reminds them that Chrysta is also smart and fierce which makes her perfect as a trainer. Chrysta comes and asks what's next for her when she sees Sofia in the Crystal Ball. Orion tells her that Sofia is the one who stopped Prisma and is going to be her new student. Chrysta refuses since she doesn't want to teach "some pampered Princess who can't even put on her gown without help from her maid." Orion and Vega tell her to do it for the sake of the Ever Realm which Chrysta reluctantly does.

Meanwhile, Sofia is riding in the Royal Coach to somewhere. Suddenly, the coachman vanishes and one of the wheels on the Coach comes off. When Sofia notices this, she gets the horses to stop. Chrysta appears and reveals that she caused the coach to go out of control. Sofia recognizes her as a Protector and Prisma tells her Orion assigned her to be her trainer. Sofia's first assignment is to get her own Enchantlet on the Isle of Forever Frost by sundown, or she can't be a Protector. Sofia tells her she understands, which Chrysta dismisses by stating she's not so sure she does as the Isle of Forever Frost is the most difficult and treacherous terrain in the Mystic Isles. After Chrysta summons a unicorn, they fly to the Mystic Isles. Upon arriving on the Isle of Forever Frost, Chrysta tells Sofia she can't use the powers her Amulet gave her to help her get her Enchantlet, which Sofia agrees to. On the way to the area, Chrysta explains the first skill Sofia needs to learn: Feather Walking, walking on ice and snow. Sofia has trouble but starts to grasp it. Sofia asks for more tries to grasp it, but Chrysta refuses, telling her she doesn't get special treatment just because she's a Princess and questions if she's tough enough. Seeing how Chrysta views her, Sofia asserts that she is tough enough despite what she thinks.

On the way to the next stop, Sofia is practicing Feather Walking. Chrysta contacts the other Protectors and tells them things are going badly. The other Protectors tell her that that's because she needs to do a better job as a Trainer. Chrysta reluctantly helps Sofia and she gets Feather Walking down. They then move on to the next phase of Sofia's training: Beast Wrangling. For the training, Chrysta takes a Calming Collar off a Baronga, causing him to run wild. Sofia first attempts to collar the Baronga by mounting it, but it throws her off and lunges at her, which brings the Amulet to send out a beam of light to distract it and save Sofia. Sofia uses her Amulet to play with the Baronga so that she can calm it into letting her collar it, but Chrysta ruins her attempt to calm the Baronga, causing it to escape. Sofia continues to remain dismissive of Sofia and, when they get to the Glazing Glacier, tells Sofia she can give up if she gets in trouble as she cannot help her. Annoyed, Sofia tells Chrysta she hasn't been much help anyway.

Sofia gets past the ArtiCondors and rescues their son from the Baronga, who ruins Sofia's first attempt to get her Enchantlet. Chrysta tells Sofia she can't get her Enchantlet now but can go back to her life as Princess. Good and fed up, Sofia tells Chrysta off for being prejudiced against her and for being such a poor trainer. Realizing she's right, Chrysta apologizes to her and goes off to tame the Baronga but accidentally leaves the Calming Collar behind. Hitching a ride on the female ArtiCondor, Sofia goes after her. Sofia rescues Chrysta before getting her Enchantlet. Sofia agrees to let Chrysta continue to be her Trainer and rides the Baronga back down the mountain after Chrysta teaches her how to use her Enchantlet. Chrysta tells Sofia they should call her Sofia the First, which Sofia likes the sound of.


  • Ariel Winter as Princess Sofia
  • Jurnee Smollett-BellasChrysta
  • Colin Salmon asOrion
  • Ming-Na WenasVega
  • Kate Micuccias Galial
  • Khary Paytonas Turon
  • David Sobolovas Garish
  • April Winchellas Windy
  • John DiMaggioas Hale
  • Henry Kaufman as Stormy


Concept and Color Script[]



  • Tough Enough


For a full transcript of The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector, click here.


Sofia The First - Sing along - Theme Song! - Disney Kids

Sofia the First - Tough Enough Song - Disney Junior UK


  • Sofia wears her Enchantlet while Chrysta apologizes to her and goes off to take the Baronga.


  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 1.16 million viewers on its premiere.[1]
  • Sofia gets her Enchantlet in this episode.
  • The Opening Sequence has new scenes starting with this episode.
  • Chrysta told Sofia couldn't use the powers her Amulet gave her to help her get her Enchantlet, but after the Amulet glowed for the first time, Sofia used the Amulet on all the scenes until receiving the Enchantlet and Chrysta didn't complain.
    • Despite this, the Enchantlet judged Sofia was worthy and ready to have an Enchantlet. This may be because Orion does not mention this rule when laying out his plan to Chrysta--Chrysta added the limitation herself.
  • This is the only episode where Sofia wears long gloves.
  • Moral: Never judge people by their background.

International premieres[]

  • August 18, 2017 (Brazil)


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The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector (2024)
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