King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Star in Regal New Photo for Social Media Page Makeover (2024)

Queen Mary sparkles in an emerald tiara that is part of the Danish crown jewels

King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Star in Regal New Photo for Social Media Page Makeover (1)

King Frederik and Queen Mary have given their social media presence a royal refresh.

A few days after the Danish Royal House revealed the new gala portraits of the King and Queen of Denmark, courtiers revealed a brand new photo from what appears to be the same shoot for the royal couple’s new profile picture.

As of May 3, the Danish Royal House’s Instagram and Facebook page avatars have been updated with a previously unseen portrait of the couple in their gala finery, including the emerald tiara, necklace, earringsand a large brooch that are part of the Danish crown jewels for Queen Mary. The new photo was taken at a side angle and showed the couple smiling side by side. It is credited to Steen Evald on Facebook, the same photographer who took the other three gala portraits in the Green Room at Christiansborg Palace.

The never-before-seen portrait of Queen Mary, 52, and King Frederik, 55, captured a candid moment for the royal couple, who have had a life-changing year.

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On Jan. 14, Queen Margrethe abdicated on the 52nd anniversary of her accession two weeks after announcing the unexpected move on New Year’s Eve, making her the first Danish monarch to voluntarily step down from the throne in nearly 900 years.

Her eldest son became King Frederik X, his wife Queen Mary and their 18-year-old son Crown Prince Christian, taking the King’s former styling as heir. Frederik and Mary’s three younger children —Princess Isabella, 17, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, 13 — each moved up a spot in the line of succession following the change of reign.

King Frederik and Queen Mary have been busy with royal duties in the weeks since and opened up in their first interview since King Frederik’s accession about the big day and their vision for the modern monarchy on May 2. The couple spoke to Danish broadcaster TV 2 aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog as they continued a tradition of embarking on the sovereign’s official residence for summer cruises and overseas visits to kick off the summer sailing season.

King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Star in Regal New Photo for Social Media Page Makeover (2)

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According to Hello! magazine, the King said the balcony appearance to mark the change of reign was "overwhelming," but he felt welcomed by the Danish people as he stepped up into his new royal role.

"It was very overwhelming and moving. I felt extremely well received. The highlight was when Mary and the children came out and stood right behind me, and I had the Danes standing in front of me and waving. It was one of the most amazing things to experience in my life," King Frederik said.

Queen Mary also spoke about the emotional moment: "I stood with the children, and when you stepped out onto the balcony towards your fate, it was a moment that moved me incredibly much. We could hear and feel it, even if we couldn't see it. It was a beautiful moment. I was both very happy and very proud."

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King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Star in Regal New Photo for Social Media Page Makeover (3)

In the wide-ranging conversation with the national outlet, the royals said they would uphold previous protocol while thinking of the "present and future" of the monarchy.

"We have not set a fixed route, but a good direction. We are going to continue the tracks we have laid. Our interest in nature and communities and business. We also want to be a royal couple who are visible and present throughout Denmark," Queen Mary added about their approach.

Next week, the King and Queen will make their first official state visit to Sweden from May 6 to May 7 and start a major tour of the Northern region. From there, they will pay a state visit to Norway, with further plans for official visits to the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are part of the kingdom of Denmark, in June.

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King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Star in Regal New Photo for Social Media Page Makeover (2024)
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